Tips & Trends From The Wedding Bootcamp!

We had such a great time at The Wedding Bootcamp last night! Some amazing brides-to-be came out to Mark Ingram Atelier to get tips and learn about the hottest trends in the industry from a panel of some of the best vendors in the business! For those of you who weren’t able to make it, we’ll let you in on some of their secrets!


Adrienne O’Connor, event planner and designer from Ruffles & Tweed was there, and we got the scoop from her about what wedding colors are the hottest this year!


Adrienne clued us in on the burst of color that is making its way into weddings ever since Pantone announced the color of 2012 was Tangerine! She mentioned that gorgeous pastels and watercolors are also sneaking in, and made the point that whatever is happening in the fashion world is a bride’s best window to wedding trends – whether it is colors, fabrics or overall style!

Adrienne is skilled in guiding brides throughout their planning process. “It’s a marriage, not a wedding,” she said. Amongst the stress of what goes into planning, it’s important for brides to relax and focus on having fun!

Orlando Oliveira from Photography by Orlando presented guests with a new perspective in the world of photography. He’s an out-of-the-box thinker who inspires brides to choose someone who can understand and work with their personalities!


Orlando brought up the fact that once every other aspect of the wedding comes together and all is said and done, you will have the photos forever! Check him out to learn more about video booths, short form wedding videos, and how they’re incorporating iPads into the mix! He offered great examples of what young, trendy couples are loving!


We also talked to David Fletcher from New York’s Best Musicians! He’s been in the business long enough to know that leaning on the professionals can help take the stress off of any bride! David relayed the importance of getting to know the band leader, whether it be in person over the phone, and hearing the band live before you book them! He wanted the brides to know that the best trend is when she has an amazing time at her wedding, so be open-minded and flexible!


American Laser Skincare was represented at the Bootcamp as well! A big skincare tip for brides? Give yourself time! No bride should be doing beauty alterations a week before her wedding, other than getting her nails done! laserskin

Brides should know that it’s the best time for affordable beauty in the skincare business because of the growing popularity of laser treatments – the fact that you no longer have to go under the knife for an incredible skin transformation!

Elizabeth and Janine from The Inn at New Hyde Park weren’t on the panel, but they gave me some awesome tips and an inside scoop on what they’ve seen make weddings a success!

They focus on the importance of understanding a theme or common thread that the bride has in mind for their wedding! Even if it’s as simple as a color, it’s a start, and they can go from there!

Elizabeth pointed out that the venue offers a very traditional setting, which is a trend that’s coming back! They’re professionals and The Inn is a venue that focuses on only one wedding at a time. “Don’t sweat the small stuff” is what they tell brides! Places like The Inn make their brides feel so special and because they’re the one focus of that day, they can cater to her needs on a personal level!chapeloutsideTheInn

Susan Quigley is a vendor who deals with green on a daily basis – no, she’s not a florist, but a certified financial planner. Susan understands the importance of building a marriage on a strong foundation monetarily. She offered advice to couples on how to save big when planning their wedding. “The devil is in the detail,” is what she told brides, so choosing those less expensive napkin holders might be a necessary sacrifice for a  smart saving bride! She also offers great deals for new couples, so brides be sure to check her out!


We then had the pleasure of learning from Mark Ingram, our lovely host himself! Mark Ingram Bridal Atelier in New York is an amazing spot with breathtaking couture gowns from wall to wall!

Mark has seen just about every kind of bride, and he had amazing tips that every girl should keep in mind when shopping for a gown. He couldn’t stress enough the importance of the person you bring with you when you go to shop for your wedding dress!Whether it is your best friend, your mom, your cousin… whoever, make sure it’s someone who knows how to be exactly what you need for a stress free shopping trip!

He wanted brides to remember how important it is to be positive and keep your energy up throughout the process! “Your mood translates into everything about your wedding,” he said, so be kind and enjoy what you’re doing!

A big trend right now that Mark Ingram highlighted last night is having fun shoes! Brides are going with anything but white these days, and using their shoes for that perfect pop of color, or even their “something blue!”


While there is a modern twist to the way brides are dressing, he attributes the major popularity in sheer necklines right now to the brides’ desire to go more formal with her gown, but not wanting to cover up completely! He’s seen strapless gowns fly out of the store for years, and even though their popularity still remains, brides are wanting to add more tulle and variety to the simple strapless!

Thank you to all who hung out with us and these great vendors last night in New York! If you missed it, be sure to sign up for the next Wedding Bootcamp in your city at!