“Something Blue,” Something You!!

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue!” For years, there have been traditional ways to incorporate blue into every bride’s ensemble on her wedding day, but recently we’ve seen some more creative options!

If you’re looking for a unique idea, here’s a few of my favorites!

Brides don’t have to simply decide between white and ivory shoes anymore! It’s a hot trend to have a color shoe – they pop in photos! If a bright blue is too daring, try a more classic navy!

blue shoes

We’ve heard of blue shoes, but what about blue sharpie? You don’t have to go too crazy, but a fun idea is to have your bridesmaids write a little note in blue on the bottom of your shoes! They’ll make an awesome keepsake!


For the adventurous bride, blue mascara or eye shadow can be a subtly fabulous alternative! You want to look as natural as possible on your wedding day, but some of these are only blue in certain lights! If you’re caught at the right angle in a photo, your blue will definitely show!


While jewelry is a common go-to, consider putting your hair up in blue! Whether it is a large flower or subtle sparkly pins, your hair is a great place to accessorize!