Post Wedding Photo Ops!

We’ve seen it all, brides swimming, hiking, and even sitting in a muddy field in a couture gown that was once pure and white. But this year, couples are throwing away the idea of “trash the dress” photography sessions and focusing on a less dress-threatening trend!


Post wedding day photos are now a must-have. It’s a fun and classic way to take advantage of that photographer you hired and that dress that you look so gorgeous in!

Make sure you pick a setting that you love to look at whether it be somewhere familiar or a dream destination!

Some ideas to spice up your look? Really put your personality into it and get creative by grabbing props! Add bold jewelry, bright shoes or hair accessories.


Get your groom to throw on a fun bow tie or shoes to match you, too!


If you chose to go with a clean and classic makeup style on the big day, try a bright color lipstick or a fun eye color for your photo shoot!


While your wedding day photos are forever, there’s no reason to limit your bridal look to a single day. Show your style and personality, and feel the most beautiful, all over again!