Artistic Cakes from Creme Delicious!

Our Marketing Roundtables always bring out the best companies in the wedding industry.  This week we were wowed by Crème Delicious and their decorated artisanal cakes.  Each cake is a work of art in itself and our staff was in awe of the beauty and design that the creator, Sandy, puts into each dessert.

Creme Delicious pic 2

The reason they look so beautiful is because they require a nine-step process to come to life. Each cake has unique design taking up to 20~30 minutes to decorate them. Because of the labor intense process, each is literally an edible work of artistry.

We considered not eating the cake, because it was just too pretty to destroy.  I’m glad that we have no self-control; because if you can believe it, it tasted even better than it looked!!

Creme Delicious pic 3