Skincare by ZENSATION!

At our recent LA show we were lucky enough to be introduced to an incredible skincare company, ZENSATION.  Thanks to their incredibly knowledgeable representatives, our brides were educated about the power of natural plant extracts from the Alps and the advanced Swiss biotechnology.  Through the perfect combination of nature and technology, skin problems due to environmental and internal factors can be improved and prevented.

Rose Hydrating Water Gel Cleanser

While it sounds like a complicated mixture, trust the ZENSATION experts.  ZENSATION is a synonym of nature, precision, innovation and science. The combination of all these things results in a luxurious skincare line which visibly improves your inner and outer self.

Intensive Hydromask

If you’re looking for the secret to glowing skin on your wedding day and for years to come, check out ZENSATION.Anti Blemish Lotion