FITiST Bride Guide to Getting in Shape!

If you’re a bride-to-be living in NYC or LA and you’re looking for a new way to get in shape, you’re in luck! FITiST has a customized plan just for you, put together by experts like David Kirsch and Andrea Orbeck.  If you’re interested in trying something new, FITist has also developed a list of workout tips all based on their philosophies based on muscle confusion.

FITiST is an entirely new approach to fitness. It’s an online fitness and wellness platform offering one-stop access to the best of the best in NYC, the Hamptons, and LA.

WWD called it “the future of fitness,” Vital Juice said, “FITiST revolutionizes the boutique fitness studio scene.”


Customized Pre-Wedding Workout Tips

To drop pounds fast:

Did you just realize the wedding is less than a month away and your intentions of losing a few pounds got pushed on the back burner?

The key is to combine calorie-burning cardio with core emphasizing toning exercises.  Experts at FITiST recommend that brides break up their workout 50:50.  For cardio, try a cycling class, kickboxing, or go for a run.  Pilates, boot camp, and weight training classes are great to tone trouble zones.

To tone your arms for a strapless dress:

For a fabulous yet feminine upper body, brides should look towards old-school strength training.  Boot camps are popping up in cities all over the country, which bring together cardio and strength training, to burn fat and tone muscle, especially in the arms and back.

Flattening your tummy for a body-hugging dress:

For enviable abs, brides need to incorporate workouts that are super concentrated on the mid-section into their regular cardio routines. FITiST experts recommend barre, pilates, and other core classes.

If you need to de-stress:

Before saying “I do” brides usually have a very long “to do” list – and working out often gets moved to the bottom.  FITiST experts stress the importance of squeezing in a workout. It has positive effects on energy levels, a clear mind, and of course – a bride’s pre-wedding bod.  They recommend fitting in a few yoga classes among the wedding planning for a balanced and a calm mind.  For extra relaxation, check out a candle lit classes.


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