Throwing the Perfect Bridal Shower

BShower1Planning a wedding means getting your family involved. At such an intimate time in your life, what better way to do that than to throw a bridal shower? Bridal showers are one of my favorite pre-wedding gatherings, because your family and friends can provide support for your upcoming marriage and items you may need in your married life.

Bridal showers traditionally excite the ladies, but lately, co-ed showers have become more mainstream. As the guests you invite, you decide the time to get-together, which can range from six months to a week up to your big day. Out of town guests usually influence this decision.

Okay, so you’ve got the guests and the date, but what about the planning? Typically, the Maid of Honor hosts the day’s activities, but other hosts include a family member, close friend, or co-worker. The host is responsible for covering the cost of the wedding and, of course, must be excited about your future marriage!

Invite special guests to you shower

If you are unsure who to invite, mothers, sisters, aunts and grandmothers are a great place to start.  Next, you may want to invite bridesmaids and close friends. If you want a co-ed or larger bridal shower, cousins, co-workers, fathers, grandfathers, brothers and uncles make great additions to the guest list for a festive yet intimate celebration.

Once you choose guests to attend, pick a location tailored to the ambiance you want. Bridal showers are the kind of events that the bride can make unique or convenient for everyone’s needs. A shower can be held at a maid of honor, bridesmaid, or close family member’s house or a bride can chose a special restaurant. Some brides even opt for beaches, laid back parks, or even spas for a ladies day out!

A bridal shower consists of mingling, food, and fun! Each location, however, may yield different activities but showers can have bridal games for guests no matter what space you’re in. Some include:

  • Toilet Paper Wedding Dress – Forget Satin. Guests will use toilet paper to create a funny and paper-light wedding dress
  • Ribbon Bow Bouquet – As the bride opens her gifts, tie the bows and ribbons together to make a bright and adorable bouquet
  • The Clothespin Game -If you say the code word (such as “veil”), you have to give up your pin to a different guest. The person with the most clothespins wins.
  • Recipes – Attendees write their favorite recipes on index cards and give them to the brideShower Table

Planning your shower should be a fun and memorable experience, but there are some bridal shower tips and reminders to ensure you have a worry-free occasion:

  1. Do not invite anyone to the bridal shower that will not be receiving an invitation to your wedding
  2. Make sure you send thank-you notes to all those who gave you a bridal shower gift (even if they couldn’t make it to the actual party)
  3. Don’t forget to also send a thank-you to the host of the bridal shower
  4. If you’re considering having multiple bridal showers, make sure there are no repeat guests
  5. For example: one bridal shower would include co-workers and another would include close family and friends

Follow these tips and your bridal shower will go off without a hitch. Happy bridal shower!