Stunning Shots from Studio Webber

Finding the right wedding photographer is often one of the most difficult decisions for a bride to make. It’s so important to choose someone you trust and are comfortable with so that you don’t miss a beat or a beautiful moment to be captured.michaelwebber


Most of all, every bride wants to know that a photographer will catch them in a gorgeous light, to look their best in every shot. All you should be concerned about on the big day is the sparkle in the eye of the one you love looking back at you!studiowebber

Studio Webber takes care of every bride they work with, producing absolutely timeless photos.

Michael Webber, the chief photographer, comes from a successful background in fashion and beauty photography, so he knows what it takes to make you look picture perfect. He incorporates an editorial style to every candid shot for a unique point of view and natural perspective!


If you’re having a difficult time choosing the right photographer, it’s a great idea to visit Studio Webber, meet Michael, and look through books of his work while talking about the possibilities for your special day.

To get in touch with Michael, e-mail him directly at [email protected]