Wedding Transportation Tips and Tricks

Transportation plays a major role on a wedding day. You, your wedding party, and your guests have to get from one place to another so it’s important to know how exactly and by what means you make this happen.

It’s up to you what kind of transportation you use. Limos are a traditional way, but some brides get creative.  Methods such as horse and carriage, sports car, vintage automobile, town car, party bus, trolley, and wagons make great ways to get from one place to another in style. Even hot air balloons, two person bicycles and sleighs declared themselves as the newest transportation trends for weddings. Make sure to choose transportation that not only suites your creative needs but also efficiency needs as well. Keep an eye out for package deals, rental times, driver attire, and extras such as champagne and snacks.

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Limited parking, gated areas, and certain outfits (long trains for instance) may also influence your vehicle decision. Sometimes ceremony and reception spaces are in walking distance and that could influence the amount of transportation needed. Guests with disabilities should also be taken into account when figuring out your transportation methods.

Once you know how you want to arrive, it’s important to know who is going in what vehicles with whom. Typically, the bride arrives at the ceremony with her father while the bridesmaids arrive with your mother and sometimes the flower girl and ring bearer. The groom and his best man travel together and the groomsmen arrive together.

Most guests drive during the wedding day so there should be parking or a valet service available. Hotels, restaurants and venues located in urban settings may not have parking, so it’s important to decide on a parking solution for your guests. You should consider whether you are going to supply the cost of the valet, split the cost with guests, have guests pay for valet, or have guests find their own parking.

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If you use a valet, cost may vary dependant on the number of valets, length of service needed, and the location of the parking. Rates are usually charged per hour or per car but price varies from company to company. In order to cut some costs, know the exact amount of cars and time and if the cost includes tax. You can cut costs in other ways as well by using one car for the wedding party and just make multiple trips, have a close family member or friend drive you to the ceremony or reception, or pick an older model on a car.

Last but not least is the Getaway car! It can be a decorated vehicle to send you and your spouse off on your honeymoon often reading ‘Just Married’ on them. The wedding party is responsible for decorating the car and can use materials like balloons, tin cans, silly string, shaving cream, car paint, and streamers.

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Transportation Dos’ and Don’ts:

¤  Do’s

  • Do go and see the vehicles in person
  • Do maximize the most use out of your transportation in the allotted time span

¤  Don’ts

  • Don’t be limited by a limo
  • Don’t forget about safety
  • Guests will be drinking and will not be able to drive home themselves

Remember that no matter how you arrive, your day is sure to be special!