Selcecting and Negotiating Vendor Contracts

Vendors are the pieces of the wedding puzzle. They each work to give you the wedding of your dreams! However, after you select a vendor, you need to figure out the terms that come along with each particular vendor. It’ll make you wedding less stressful and you’ll know exactly what you’re getting.

Selecting vendors is the most time-consuming aspect of wedding planning. Make sure to select a few vendors from each category (ex. A few florists and venues) and read over their terms and conditions. It’s important to see if your vendors worked well for others so look at reviews and request referrals. In the end, you’ll work best with you get along with best so develop healthy relationships with your vendors. Your first communication sets the tone for the entire relationship.

It’s important to have all your bases covered. I’m not a lawyer, but when looking over vendor contracts make sure to note the date and time of exact availabilities, payment schedule and plans, cancellation and refund policies, additional charges, liability and insurance, terms and termination, change in terms, and taxes and gratuities. Successful contract negotiations mean that both sides look for positives that benefit both parties in every area while achieving a fair and equitable deal.


When Negotiating , Be Sure To:

¤  List rank your priorities along with alternatives

¤  Know the difference between what you need and what you want

¤  Know your bottom line so you know when to walk away

¤  Assess potential liabilities and risks

¤  Go over confidentiality, dispute resolution, changes in requirements