Ten Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

You know all the obvious questions to ask a wedding photographer during an interview but what about the not-so-obvious ones?  This list will help you ask all the right questions so you can find the best match for your wedding day. As always please contact me with any questions.  Good luck!couple2

1. Does the photographer carry liability insurance? Most venues require a certificate of insurance from all vendors including photographers.  It is imperative that your photographer is a policy holder.

bride mirror2 2.  How many weddings has the photographer shot as lead photographer? The difference between being a lead photographer and a second photographer can be huge.  Make sure they have significant experience as a lead photographer.  It could mean the difference between a professional and an apprentice.

3.  What is their back-up plan? Accidents happen, it is a fact of life.  If your photographer gets the flu the day of your wedding what plan do they have in place to ensure you receive the same quality of coverage on your wedding day?

4.  How many weddings do they shoot each year? A wedding photographer that is shooting 40 weddings per year will simply not be able to dedicate the same amount of time for post processing as someone who shoots considerably less.  You do not want a wedding “factory” covering your wedding day.  It should be special for the photographer too, remember you deserve the best for your wedding!

5.  Are High Resolution Files provided? Make sure you will receive the high resolution files as part of any package.  Some photographers will charge extra for these files.  Without them you will not be able to print any images and you will be beholden to your photographer for all prints forever.  It is so important for your to own the high resolution files.

6.  What is the process for Album Design? Make sure you have input with regards to designing the album and the “final cut”.  You should be working with the photographer to choose pictures for the album and to review a final proof before the album goes to print.suit

7. Is the photographer willing to customize your wedding package? Why pay for products you don’t want or need?  See if they are willing to provide a customized package in order for you to maximize your value.kids running

8. Do they carry back-up equipment? Again, accidents happen and things break.  What happens if a camera fails or a flash?  What if two cameras fail?  Crazier things have happened!

9.  Will most shots be posed or candids? Everyone has their own favorites, make sure you know what to expect from your photographer so there are no surprises on your wedding day.

10.  If we extend the hours of the reception is there an additional charge? Again, make sure you know this so there are no surprises in the event you just don’t want the party to end quite yet!  If you extend for an hour does that mean you will be paying an additional fee to have your photographer stay?

I hope this was helpful to you.  The next segment in the series is How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Photographer For You so stay tuned!


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