An Open Mind to Beautiful Bridesmaids

Jenny Yoo Blog pic

 Picture this, you’re walking down the aisle and everything seems perfect. Your dress? Gorgeous. Your groom? Handsome. The altar? Flawless. Your bridesmaid’s dresses? Unflattering and boring. You can tell from their expression that they aren’t confident and don’t feel beautiful. We understand, your wedding day is about you, but these women have a right to look beautiful, feel confident, and be comfortable. At our recent New York Bridal Bootcamp at Jenny Yoo’s 35th St. bridal salon, The Wedding Salon had an opportunity to interview Jenny Yoo one-on-one and discuss trends and styles that will make your bridesmaids look gorgeous.

“When a bride is selecting dresses for her bridesmaids she should consider two important questions, ‘do they feel comfortable in this dress’ and ‘will they be happy?’” said Yoo.

One answer is to use accessories as embellishments and to flatter a wide range of body types. Yoo suggests using belts such as her Luisa Belt, as a way to enhance curves and add an element of creativity to an otherwise plain dress.

Yoo’s other recommendation is to consider dress and skirt styles. “Everyone looks good in a strapless dress with an a-line skirt,” said Yoo. From there you can choose colors and prints that compliment the bridesmaid’s skin tones and matches your wedding theme.

Remember, your bridesmaids may already know what looks good on their body. “Keep an open mind and let your bridesmaids choose their own style,” said Yoo. Her number one selling Aidan dress, which comes in 15 different colors and styles, is perfect for accommodating their taste as well as your own.

Think of it this way, when shopping for the perfect outfit you always choose the best accessories to go along with it. Your bridesmaids are your accessories and they are there to compliment your wedding. Use Yoo’s advice as a way to help you plan a well-designed wedding without sacrificing the comfort of your girls.


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