It’s All in Your Shoes

Your gym staple is your sneaker and they may play a bigger role in your workout than you think. Like most shoes, sneakers come in a wide variety of fits, uses, and styles – all of which will assist you in looking the best for your wedding. We searched for the best shoes to get you into shape and cater to your specific needs.

For Beginners

The idea of visiting a gym may seem daunting to beginners and your sneakers make all the difference. Saucony’s Cohesion 4 added heel cushioning and lightweight architecture makes working out easier on your muscles and joints.

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Knee Problems

If your bad knees have been a reason to not workout, it may be because you weren’t wearing shoes with motion control and mid-sole support. Adidas Climacool Seduction Shoes are lightweight and durable, giving your knees the protection they need.

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Hip Pain

If you notice hip pain when you workout it’s most likely due to overuse of the muscles surrounding your hips and shoes without arch support. Nike Lunar Glide’s resilient foam core and lightweight material helps cushion the impact from the ground to your hip.

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Unsure of your arch type (high or low)? Wet your foot and stamp it on the ground, the imprint will determine your arch type. High arches require mid-sole cushioning whereas low arches require purchasing reinforced insoles. Asics Gel-Cirrus 33 paired with Aetrex Orthotics will help prevent the pain in your arches.

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Do your research before paying a considerable amount of money for sneakers. Also, talk to the sales people, they know a lot about the shoes and understand your specific needs.