We’ll Keep You Moving

Lost in a sea of fitness blogs? The Wedding Salon  found five that inspired us to almost leave our office and hit the gym.

Fit Bottomed Girls

Started by Jenn & Erin as an outlet for real women who are interested in maintaining or creating a healthy lifestyle, FBG has grown into one of the most popular fitness blogs. Covering topics and trends like workouts (boxing, hiking, dance, and cardio), food tips, product reviews, best of lists, and music playlists, they make getting into shape fun, not tortourous.

Fit Bottomed Girls LogoFitnessista

Zumba instructor and military wife, Gina, uses her blog to share some seriously sizzling workouts and delicous recipies. Fitnessista simplifies working out with muscle-by-muscle workouts and our favorite-her four week bridal bootcamp. She makes eating healthy easy and exciting with filling recipies (gluten free & vegan!).


Running Off The Reese’s

Texas fitness blogger Cely found a common ground among her two obsessions- Reese’s and running.  Cely really lets bloggers into her world and pushes them to overcome their obstacles- which happens frequently to gym goers. We love her collection of road races (marathons, 5ks, and half marathons), books, and pictures of irresistable desserts that keep our minds full and fit.


Daily Cup of Yoga

Yoga enthusiast Brian, hadn’t always practiced yoga until nine years ago when his mom introduced him to a Rodney Yee DVD. His blog serves as a virtual journal capturing his journey with yoga. He loves books- especially yoga books- and has obtained a large library that is featured on his blog. Brian’s yoga tips and advice have motivated us to pull out our yoga mats and read up on the ancient practice.

Daily Cup of Yoga


Don’t fear the weight room, we promise you won’t get bulky especially with Krista Scott-Dixon‘s training plans. Her workout plans are based around the idea that you can lift weights without looking like a body builder. She gives instruction for all strength and ability levels and features real life inspirational stories to keep you pumped. We love her no nonsense approach and her section on injury care and prevention.


We understand that the gym isn’t always your favorite place to go but we hope these blogs will help push you into your pre-wedding routine.