A Night in New York City

As many of you know, Monday July 23 was our Bride Show at Capitale. Those of you who lucky enough to attend know how beautiful and exciting the event was for couples shopping for their wedding. Capitale provided The Wedding Salon was a spacious ballroom to accommodate over 50 vendors and 700 brides.


If you’re looking for a unique way to tell your engagement story, give Prequels a call. Journalist, Denise Oliveira, founded the company with a goal to make your wedding day more intimate by keeping the focus on your story. “I want to get back to the basics of marriage and not just the wedding. The purpose is to tell a story in a creative way that will deepen your relationship,” said Oliviera. You can share your story through either a Newspaper-Style Scroll or 16-page booklet and use them as favors, invitations, program, or a keepsake.

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Culinary Brides

Culinary Brides offers you the best luxury china and cookware registry service that ensures quality pieces to last a lifetime. Enjoy the art of cooking with their Environmental Products that aim to protect you and your family from harmful toxins and encourage a healthy lifestyle or their nutritional stainless steel gourmet Cookware with special heat transmitting properties for fast, even cooking. “Our beautiful best selling china pieces will enhance your eating experience and come with a lifetime warranty,” said Culinary Bride employee Vicky.


Benares Weddings

We love Benares Weddings for their unique approach to wedding catering. They combine traditional Indian items, like their best selling Tikka Masala, with American culinary favorites to create a delicious menu. “We work with brides to cultivate a menu that gives their guests an uncommon and exquisite dining experience,” said founder Jennifer Sohan. Choose from their three types of food service- buffett, family style, and plated dishes and five catering packages that guarantee happy guests and full bellies.


A huge thank you to everyone who made this show possible and all that were able to attend. Look for us at our first ever DC show September 10!



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