Married With Nature

If you’re looking for an outdoor experience, then clearly you should get married with Mother Nature. An outdoor wedding may seem like a good idea until something goes wrong. Again with weighing options (yep, a pros and cons list!), we took the time to break things down and make the decision for you!

Pros of an Outdoor Wedding

  1. You’re free to choose themes that do not conflict with a church or synagogue. Sometimes certain indoor venues call for traditional and/or conservative wedding themes- when you’re outside you’re able to use almost any theme you want.
  2. You’re saving money. Reserving a park or other outdoor venue is more wallet friendly than many indoor venues.
  3. You can accommodate more guests. Forget about cramming everyone into a small space, outdoor weddings are spacious!
  4. Beautiful scenery. This will save you money on flowers and decorations because the scenery is provided. You also are using ambient light that reflect beautifully off a ocean, lake, grass, etc.
  5. Amazing wedding photos. You can’t have a waves crashing in the background at a church.


Cons of an Outdoor Wedding

  1. Weather. This could seriously put a damper on your day. You can’t control the weather so try to plan accordingly.
  2. You’re going to have to deal with rentals. Getting married outside means that the venue won’t be providing tables and chairs and this means unexpected costs and problems.
  3. Transportation. How are you getting everyone there? If your wedding is located off the beaten path this may pose a problem towards guests trying to get there and you’ll have to pay for transportation (golf carts, ATV, etc.)
  4. Environment. We already mentioned weather but aside from rain, heat and humidity can make everyone uncomfortable.
  5. Wildlife. What if a rabbit hops across the aisle- it’ll be awkward and cute. Birds pooping on guets and spiders crawling up their legs does not call for a good time.


When in doubt, obviously do what makes you comfortable and makes the most sense.