Congratulations to the Winner of the Mohegan Sun Bachelorette Bash!

We are so thrilled to congratulate LaShawn Wilson, the winner of the Mohegan Sun Ultimate Bachelorette Bash, featuring an overnight stay at Mohegan Sun for her and her bridal party! LaShawn shared her sweet engagement story with us:

“It was two days before my 30th birthday. My boyfriend and I headed to our favorite rooftop terrace, and my boyfriend brought over two glasses of champagne so we could have a toast before our friends arrived. As we waited, he told me that he would give me my birthday gift right then. He pulls out his iPad and says that he wrote me a poem. I begin to read the poem, and I thought it was beautiful. Then, he said there was a Part 2. The second part was a slideshow video he made with 19 pictures of us, each with a special caption. I was so amazed by the messages on each of the images that I started crying. I thought it was the most thoughtful gesture in the world. After the 18th picture, the frame changed and the copy said “Stand UP”. While I am standing up, he is getting on one knee. The last frame was the last picture that we took and it said “Will you marry me?” I couldn’t believe it! I started hysterically crying. Little did I know he had a photographer there the whole time capturing each moment. It was truly amazing:

The Proposal

We then left for the restaurant and there he surprised me with my family and his family, plus our friends. We ate and partied away the rest of the night! It was the best day of my life.”

Congratulations, LaShawn!! Thank you for sharing your story with us, and enjoy your fabulous bash at Mohegan Sun!