Keep Your Guests Talking

When planning your wedding you automatically think of certain standard elements you would like to have and offer your guests. Photography is a no brainer, the dress, flowers, etc. but what makes your wedding stand out are the special touches you add to the event.

Children at a wedding are my biggest pet-peeve. Many couples face the task of deciding if they should invite children and if they do, what do you do with them? Nannytainment Events is the solution every bride-to-be has been looking for. You get the best of both worlds, you can invite the children but someone else will watch them and entertain them.

Let Nannytainment entertain children on your wedding day!

Music is a crucial part of any wedding. There are so many options out about what types of entertainment you can offer guests. Do you do a band, DJ or perhaps both? After deciding that, what type of music do you want them to play? After all, the playlist is what will keep the guests dancing. I always tell brides to stick with the classics. After all, your Grandmother doesn’t want to hear rap all night long. We came across The Vintage DJ and they offer such a unique service that you can’t pass up the chance to see him spin! He can transform your wedding into any genre from the 30’s up to the 70’s! How fun is that!?

Let The Vintage DJ take you back in time!

Whatever you plan to do at your wedding, always make sure you add that one special touch that will keep your guests talking for a while!