Exotic Honeymoon Giveaway

I recently had the pleasure of traveling to Africa for my birthday last year and let me tell you, it was an experience of a lifetime! Everyone needs to visit Africa at least once in their life! Since it’s not the closest trip for those of us in the states, I highly recommend going for at least two weeks! While on safari, I realized how many of the couples were on their honeymoons. What a great idea for a honeymoon location! It’s exotic, romantic, adventurous and has so much to offer.

Four Rosemead
Four Rosemead Guesthouse

The average bride will spend about 14% of her wedding budget on a honeymoon! You might be thinking, ‘Africa? I can’t afford that!’. Well have no fear! Hills of Africa are an amazing travel company, that you guessed it, specializes in vacations to Africa! They are giving away 2 nights at the Four Rosemead Guesthouse plus a one hour couple’s massage. How can you pass that up?

Four Rosemead Guesthouse Coutryard! How amazing!