Pleasing Your Sweet Tooth


Whether you’re looking to cut costs, add some variety, or include all of your favorite desserts, a dessert bar at your reception is a delicious alternative to traditional cake. With so many tempting options for desserts it can be easy to go a little nuts (literally). Dessert bars pose potential for a giant sugary mess so a few (around 5) individual style servings are ideal and will maintain their  appearance. Dessert bars are also an awesome DIY project you can do with your fiance or bridal party- talk about some sweet planning!


sweets_09Literally any dessert you want can be transformed into a shot (chocolate mousse, cheesecake, key lime pie, etc.). This is where you can get really creative and play with your color scheme by using three or four flavors and styles. Shots give guests the option of walking while eating a tiny dessert and time to scope out the rest of your dessert bar. Your shot glasses can also double as a favor if you add a monogram and/or your wedding date.



If you haven’t tried these petite french treats, visit your local bakery immediately and see what all the hype is about. The soft cookie shell and creamy filling come in a variety of flavors, sizes, and colors that easily adapt to your wedding theme. They also can fulfill roles reserved for non-dessert items such as escort cards, wedding cake decor, and favors. Did we mention that they’re usually pretty cheap?



Seriously- who doesn’t love a donut? Like many of the other desserts featured, a reason they work great at dessert bars is their variety and appearance. You can stack them, serve them with coffee or milk, decor, and tie in your color theme. They’re an easy grab-and-go option, especially munchkins.

Ice Cream


This classic treat is so easy to adapt to your reception theme and another dessert loved by everyone. Put your guests in ice cream heaven with a marble slab (think Coldstone), a sundae bar, or ice cream sandwiches that feature a variety of flavors and topping combinations. This is a splurge item but we promise it delivers a memorable experience.

Mini Wedding Cake


Mini wedding cakes are so adorable and make guests feel special if they each have their own. While they are costly, they can pose as favors when placed in boxes at each table and gives everyone a chance to bring a piece of the wedding home. You can choose to have individual designs and flavors to create a unique eating experience or keep them consistent with the overall theme.

Desserts are fun to experiment with and because some guests may like macarons over cake, it gives you an easy way to please every one’s palette.