Get to Class

If you’re intimidated by the rows of treadmills and ellipticals or maybe you’re looking to add some variety to your current workout routine- fitness classes are a fun and easy way to torch calories. Whether you go at it by yourself or recruit your bestie, classes are available at virtually every gym in your area and happen multiple times per day so you have no excuse not to attend. Here’s a rundown of some classes we love and we suggest you attend immediately.



Spinning is a classic fitness class and a favorite among all fitness levels. A 45-60 minute session will help tone your claves, hamstrings, butt, and quads as you pedal to energizing music and imagine yourself climbing up the side of a mountain. New variations on spin classes like Soul-Cycle (available only to New Yorkers) and Flywheel challenge the traditional class with leaning bikes and weights.



Suspension training will challenge your muscles through body weight exercises that work all parts of your body and puts you in control of how much you want to challenge yourself as you adjust your body position to increase or decrease resistance.

Ballet Barre


Whether your local gym offers Pure Barre or Bar Method, ballet barre classes can help you achieve a dancer’s physique without actually knowing how to do ballet. Because it doesn’t involve high impact moves such as jumping or bouncing, it is easy on your joints yet still lifts your butt and slims your legs.

Hot Hula


Wish you could move your hips like a hula dancer? Now you can with Hot Hula, an hour long total body workout class that integrates easy to perform dance moves with the beats of Polynesian drums and Reggae music. We love the no shoes policy, core isolation moves, and pretending we’re at the beach.

Take time to explore different workouts and find what works best for you. If you’re looking to tone, increase endurance, or lose weight overall, the variety of fitness classes can cater to your individual needs. Remember, have fun and prepare to get sweaty!