Timeless Cinematic Wedding Moments

Love Actually

Friends surprise the couple at their wedding ceremony when what seems to be an audience of guests act as an orchestra playing “All You Need Is Love” by The Beatles.

love actually


Edward and Bella say their vows in the Cullens’ backyard woodsy oasis under a canopy of white blossoms.  


Sex and the City

Carrie plans to get married in Vivienne Westwood at The New York Public Library with her three best friends by her side in blue, black and red.  


The Graduate

This simple closing scene strips the wedding bare to its core and helps us remember that ceremonies can exist without too many little details, as long as there is love.


Bride Wars

After fussing over the perfect venue, planner, dress, and date, the best friends realize that friendship is the best finishing touch.

bride wars


This princess gives hope to all us single ladies out there!