Dreaming of Fiji…

I woke up in the dark at what I thought was the middle of the night and checked the clock to see how many hours I had left to sleep. To my surprise and dismay it was already 7 AM and the sun had still not come out. It’s a gloomy wet day here in New York City.

I put on my favorite Hunter wellingtons and dressed in a grey and black ensemble which mimicked the color of the sky. The subway ride is wet and a towel is necessary, but listening to some Bob Marley helps me gain strength to open my umbrella and begin the day that lies ahead of me.

Jumping over puddles while walking down wet streets, I still manage to keep a smile on my face because I don’t let the weather get to me. On days like this I usually listen to some bossa nova or reggae and imagine myself under a clear blue sky with matching turquoise waters.

I am snorkeling above a sea of friendly sharks, yachting with a group of my closest friends, breathing in the air from valleys of saltwater. This is what I am doing to get me through the day. This is when I am thinking of Fiji.

snorkeling waterfall dining

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