Get Everyone Involved

A huge trend right now is customization. Virtually anything you want in your wedding can be tailored to you, your bridal party, and you groom’s needs. While your groom may not be interested in shopping or fashion, it can be a fun way for him and his groomsmen to spend an afternoon together planning their ensembles. As for you and your bridesmaids, give them some leeway and let them customize their own dresses.

Jenny Yoo



Be sure to see Jenny Yoo at our Chicago bride show on October 9 and visit her Chicago salon. All dress styles come in a plethora of beautiful colors and can easily be altered to match your bridesmaid’s personal style.

Louis Purple

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Louis Purple‘s elegant and made to measure suits will help your groom and his groomsmen create sophisticated and stylish suits. It won’t be bad on the eyes as you make your way down the aisle.

Alton Lane



Alton Lane makes it easy for your groom to choose his suit. Their custom tailored apparel and stylish bespoke collection creates timeless elegance for the handsome man you’re about to marry.

It is important to remember that everyone loves feeling like they have control over their decisions- especially when it comes to clothes. Let everyone in on the process to avoid conflict and help them feel almost as special as you do!