Diet and exercise are crucial to one’s physical health and wellness so brides should try making it a goal to keep up the sweat even after the wedding is over. Cardio and salads undoubtedly keep you looking toned and thin, but more importantly, they keep your heart and blood pressure under control, which is necessary for a long and healthy life. It is no secret that diet and exercise are great for your physical health. However, what we oftentimes seem to forget is that “wellness” has to do with one’s overall well-being, which means taking care of the whole package: mind, body and spirit.

Whether it be wedding planning, a wedding day, or taking care of a house and two kids, life is stressful and can take quite the toll on your health and well-being. No matter how busy life can get, you are always allowed the time to tend to your mind, body, and spirit, no excuses. (It is a woman’s right!)

When we’re having a bad week or need some time to focus on our inner selves, some of our favorite holistic ways to de-stress are the following.


The benefits of yoga are endless, which can be seen simply by the fact that it is the most popular mind-body-spirit exercise. What I love about yoga is that I can do it anywhere; I like going to classes because working around others motivates me to be better and reach places (both physically and spiritually) that I could not reach before. If you are too busy for a class, want to save money, or feel like personalizing the routine, pop in a yoga DVD in your living room and you’re all set! Once I practiced yoga long enough to know the positions and stretches by memory, the greatest thing was to do some yoga on the beach or by the lake in the sunlight. Nothing feels better.



Meditation and yoga go hand-in-hand, as yoga incorporates meditation in its practice. One of my favorite yoga instructors named Suzanne once told me that if prayer was a method of releasing the tension in your mind caused by constant thinking, questioning and decision-making, then meditation is the process of receiving the answers and blessings to what was released during prayer. “Without prayer there is no meditation, and vice versa,” Suzanna would say to me in her lullaby of a voice.

It is a time to focus on nothing but the natural rhythm of your breath, exhaling negative energy and inhaling the positive.



The tiny needles that are used in acupuncture are painless. When first meeting your acupuncturist, he or she will ask you questions regarding your physical and mental health. Then, needles are strategically tapped into specific pressure points on your body that can help alleviate everything from back pains to anxiety and sleep disorders. Many people get so relaxed during these sessions that they fall asleep, but I like to spend this time meditating or giving my mind some rest by thinking about absolutely nothing.

Here are some of the pressure points that are only in your ear!



I used to think that therapists were unnecessary. If I needed to talk about problems or seek advice I would talk to my friends. What are friends for? However, therapy can provide you with several things friends cannot. A therapist’s main job is to listen without passing judgment. Passing judgment is almost instinctual and therefore people are naturally hesitant about the information they share with certain friends. A therapist can provide an unbiased perspective and most importantly, I know that my therapist won’t be gossiping about my life events to other people I know.


Music is probably the simplest method of relaxation and therapy. Although it affects everyone in different ways, I am curiously in awe when I press play and my mood dramatically changes. Music can take your mind on a journey while you are sitting still, and we all know that we can’t refuse a free vacation!