Fun with Keepsakes

I will always remember myself on my tippy toes, peeking through the glass doors of an armoire, inside of which were things my mom told me not to touch. As I grew older and taller I encountered these items, one by one. There is a frame made of shiny silver in the center of the shelf that held a photograph of my mom and dad in their gown and tux, cutting a giant white cake. Next to it are two champagne glasses with their names and a date. In another corner is a light blue garter make of silk and lace. I know now that it was her “something blue”. The armoire looks exactly the same, with each item in its righteous place, still today.

Wedding keepsakes are timeless. You will have them for the entirety of your life! Why not add some fun on top of the traditional photographs and cake-cutting pictures?

wine sign

Keep your good wine… they say it gets better with age.

Set out five of your favorite wine bottles for guests to sign at your wedding. Then save the bottles to drink on your first, fifth, tenth, fifteenth, and twentieth wedding anniversaries. The fifteenth will most likely taste different from the first. The potency of the aged wine will be stronger and the aroma will be thicker… just like the love between you and your partner will have matured and grown stronger.

shoe sign

Keep your good shoes… they say shoes are special because they take you places.

Take your Manolos or Louboutins that you’re going to wear on your wedding day and have your bridesmaids sign the bottom of the shoes. Tradition says that whoevers name does not wear off by the end of the night is the next one to walk down the aisle.

You can keep the shoe and put it in your own version of my mom’s glass armoire or give it to your friend whose name didn’t wear off and let her remember your wedding as a blessing in disguise.

floating lanterns

Keep your wishes and dreams alive… and remind others to do the same.

Near the end of the reception when the sky is dark and guests are relaxed from dancing all night, give everyone a lantern and walk outside underneath the moonlight. Have everyone write a wish, a prayer, or a blessing on the lantern and light them and lift them up…sending the message into the universe.  The lovely photograph will show floating lanterns in the night sky, but the picture will actually be of a sky filled with dreams, futures, fortunes, and possibilities.

All of your guests will be in on this secret so let them remember it. Use the photograph as Thank You cards, and allow yourself and your guests to remember this night when dreams were bright and floated amongst an endless sky.

special moments

Keep your videotapes. They’ll probably outlive your memory.

Have your videographer shoot the wedding and its bride and groom but to equally focus the attention on all of the guests’ charades during that night.

Create a 5-6 minute music video and personalize it to guests so it would not only be another wedding video but also a living memory of how everyone experienced that night. Send Lauren, your old college roommate, a clip of her dancing on her tippy toes during the reception like she did back in college. Send Mike, your childhood best friend and neighbor, a clip of his tipsy speech to the groom that enraged some grandparents but was praised in laughter by the rest of the audience.

Patt Glenn Productions can do it right and make a fabulous video that is an experience, not a documentary.