Getting From Here to There

If painless traveling sounds like a far off dream, we can help you fix that. Stress free traveling at it’s core requires consistent and effective planning which is probably why resorts offer so many relaxing activities. Understandably, you don’t have a ton of time to make travel plans months in advance but here are some tips and resources to make it easier.

1. Plan Ahead

It seems simple enough that planning in advance will reduce the amount of money you spend on airfare. Websites like Yapta and Bing Travel help you monitor prices to help you pick the best time to purchase tickets. Also consider the seasons (it’s more expensive to travel to Europe from May-August), airline, and day of the week (booking on Tuesday is cheaper than on Friday).

2. Use a Packing List

There’s something about packing that makes everyone cringe- it’s probably trying to fit your whole wardrobe into one tiny bag without going over the 50 lb. weight limit. Blogs like Travellers Point and Unclutter offer great resources for packing lists that won’t let you forget anything while still traveling light.

3. Get Your Passport/I.D. Ready Now

Nothing is worse than getting to the airport and realizing you don’t have your I.D. or passport. It take approximately 2-3 weeks to obtain both so if you or your fiance are missing this essential travel tool, get it early. It’s as simple as visiting your local post office or Travel.State.Gov.

4. Choose Your Seat Wisely

Before you even select a random seat during booking, consider your choices carefully. Seat Guru and Seat Maestro let you choose your seat by your exact flight and gives you detailed seat map graphics. Have a fear of flying or dread any turbulence, grab as seat as close to the front as you can.

5. Compare Your Options

Whether this is booking your flight, choosing a rental car company, or your hotel accommodations, it is important to compare everything. Check out travel deals and discount sites like Expedia or Google Flights – Our fav European travel site is Venere.

Once you arrive at your destination all of the planning and preparation will be worth it. Put in the hard work now and reap the benefits as you lay seaside sipping mojitos.