Mini Delights


A tower of cupcakes looks awesome- let’s be honest. Cupcakes stacked on top of one another looks appealing, delicious, and less intimidating than a towering layered cake. A cupcake tower may stray from the traditional but it gives you a ton of options with endless flavor and frosting combinations that are super easy to serve. We have some ideas to make these mini delights the highlight of your reception.


Arrangement & Trays

The overall effect of your cupcake tower will be strongly influenced by the trays they rest on. When looking for trays consider how the trays look together and how many trays you need to use. This will depend on how many cupcakes you need, so if you have a large wedding you may need to use larger trays. Trays come in a number of shapes, sizes, and colors that can be used to create a beautiful arrangement. Also, be aware of your cupcake liners as they can either hinder your overall arrangement or enhance it.


Themed Weddings

Cupcakes serve as a great accommodation to a themed wedding. Because they are easily adaptable to a theme, this is a fun option if you want to be creative with colors and display. Cupcake and icing flavors can be a way to further incorporate your theme, for example, if you’re having a beach wedding you can choose mango flavored cupcakes with a cream cheese icing.


Serving Size

Cost is a big factor in considering cupcakes vs. a traditional cake. They’re small serving size can save you money and are easy to serve. Easy to grab and easier to eat (finger foods anyone?), cupcakes are a mini delight that melt in your mouth. If you really want to use a cake, top off the cupcake tower with a smaller cake or use the cupcake tower along size a cake at a dessert bar.


Cupcakes are a fun and trendy alternative from the traditional towering cake. Use your color palette, theme, and personal style when creating a cupcake tower that still provides elegance and beautiful presentation to your reception. This is a fun option if your a DIY bride-to-be or if you’re a child at heart! Talk to your cake designer for some more options and to create your design!