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Before you book your hotel, you need to be able to answer this key question- where am I going? It’s a big world out there and with so many beautiful locations for your honeymoon or destination wedding you need all the information you can get about the place you’re about to visit.

Mexico Tourism Board

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Mexico sets the scene for a honeymoon or destination wedding you and you’re husband-to-be won’t stop talking about. Mexico Tourism Board features a list of one-of-a-kind cities, activities, success stories, and travel information. Mexico’s natural beauty makes it easy to relax and enjoy the purpose of a honeymoon- to unwind. Work with Mexico tourism board to plan your trip and talk to experts that can help you pick your city, activities, travel arrangements, and/or plan your destination wedding. Embrace the Latin heritage, rustic setting, and hospitality that will make you feel right at home.

Aruba Tourism Board

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If you love pristine white sand beaches and abundant land and sea activities, consult Aruba Tourism Board immediately to begin planning your trip. Their website features an A-Z list of the Caribbean Island’s hotels and resorts, where to shop (get international brand products for 10-35% lower prices!), nightlife (casinos and nightclubs), and travel information for getting there. They want you there are much as you want to visit and provide you with a list of their top 10 reasons why to get married in Aruba including: safety & security, beautiful weather, island hospitality, and convenient airlift.



Fiji’s 333 stunning islands located in the South Pacific offer a backdrop for an unforgettable destination wedding or honeymoon. Browse Fiji Tourism Board‘s website to learn how to get yourself from the states to this tropical paradise complete with white sandy beaches, coconut trees, and clear waterways. Learn more about these spectacularly unique islands with a list of places to stay, dining by island, vacation packages, and how to get there (it’s not as hard as it sounds). Their website is able to answer any of questions you may have and will make you want to hop on a plane to this Pacific Ocean location.

Tough Love Travel


If you need a little bit of extra help planning your trip or picking a unique location, Tough Love Travel works with you to pick out innovative lodging like cave hotels, exciting activities, and locations that will test your tourist side. TLT works with their clients to plan a vacation that will fit their interests and travel needs. For example, if you’re a foodie, they offer activities such as truffle hunting, lobster diving, or a trip on the VineHopper through wine country. Rates state at $399 and depends on the size of your group, travel requirements, and your destination.

Feel free to ask any of these travel resources questions about planning your next vacation on Monday November 5 for our NYC Bride Event at the Metropolitan Pavilion. Happy planning!