Working Out Around the Holidays

The holiday season officially kicks off tomorrow with the start of Thanksgiving and with it comes trips to visit family, reuniting with friends from the past, and holiday binge eating. We understand that the last thing on your mind is a workout when you’re trying to plan your life around a slew of holiday parties but here are six ways to sneak in a workout so you can fit into your wedding dress.

1. Do a HITT Workout

HIIT workout

HIIT workouts (aka High Intensity Interval Training) are perfect when you’re short on time but still want to sweat like crazy. The high bouts of exercise and low intensity rest intervals helps your body burn more fat in less time than a 45-60 minute workout would. As a result, you’ll continue burning calories even after you’ve stopped moving. Here are a few links for some of our favorite HIIT workouts:

2. Go Shopping


How convenient that Black Friday is looming and stores will start their sales for the holiday season. It’s estimated that a 150 pound person can burn up to 200 calories standing in line for one hour and 200 calories walking around a mall for one hour. Taking laps around the mall with your friends and relatives is a great time to reconnect and bond while also getting in some exercise.

3. Play Outside


Remember when you were a child and had time to run around outside? The holidays are a perfect time to play flag football, soccer, softball, etc. outside while you’re waiting for dinner to be ready because everyone has free time. Organize a game with your nieces, nephews, children, friends, and family and get everyone involved.

4. Winter Activities


Playing in the snow can burn some serious calories. You can burn up to 300 in an hour by having a snowball fight, 214 in an hour making snow angels, up to 300 calories downhill skiing for an hour, and 400 calories per hour snowboarding. This is great if you headed to a location this holiday season that just got tons of snow and is a great way to spend time with family and friends.

5. Workout With Family


Schedule time to workout with your family and this can help keep everyone on track. It is a good way to spend time with them and arrange an outing afterwards such as coffee, getting your nails done, getting lunch, or going shopping. If you’re family is adventurous, going skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating or if you’re more low key try hitting the gym.

6. Sign up For a Race


Signing up for a marathon or any road race will hold you accountable to run it, mostly because you spent money on it. You can set race times for yourself, goals for how far you want to run, and a schedule to make sure you’re staying in shape. You’ll have no excuse not to keep running, walking, biking, swimming, etc. because you’ve already signed up for the race.

It’s hard to tear yourself away from family, friends, and food but remember that even 20 minutes of exercise every day can help you from gaining weight. It can be fun and enjoyable if you’re able to get outside and play. Portion control will also help you fight off extra pounds and make sure your wedding dress fits!

Happy Planning,