Apps to Keep You Moving

If you’re anything like me, your iPhone goes everywhere with you and contains all the important things you need for everyday like reminders, contacts, emails, and apps. Apps have completely changed my life! I use them for cooking, social media, and fitness. If you love your iPhone as much as I do then you’ll appreciate this app roundup where we’re going to show you the best ones to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Lose It


Cost: Free

You know that you’re supposed to be writing down everything you eat but it can seriously be a hassle to carry around a notebook all day. Lose It weight loss app lets you enter your current weight, how much weight you want to lose per week, and determines how many calories per day you should be eating. Everything is simplified!



Cost: $2.99

Also known as Couch 2 5K, this app is perfect if you’re new to running and are looking for a workout that is challenging but also prevents injury. The 9 week regime, 3 days a week, guides you through 30-40 minute sessions with interval training. The intensity of your intervals increase with each week as you build strength and endurance.



Cost: Free

This community based GPS app is available for active Android, Blackberry, and iPhone users who enjoy doing their exercise outside. Reviving the daily run, this app tracks your route, gives you Google Maps view, and lap times. You’re friends can give you motivation every time you complete a lap, get a best time on your mile, or if you ran at all.

Daily Workout Apps

mza_3640708540705305746.175x175-75Cost: Free-$3.99

Whether you want to work out your legs, arms, abs, butt, or cardio, this app gives you a variety of 5-10 minute routines to work on your trouble areas. I love the ability to mix things up with new exercises, the medicine ball option, and the short amount of time it takes to see results. The app shows you how to do each exercise with a video, has a countdown, and timer.

Missile Wars


Cost: Free

Get your group of friends together to play this GPS based mobile game and get ready to run. Participants must move out of the way of fake missiles that your friends send to their target in the app’s map. Players are given 60 seconds to avoid an explosion, this is where the running comes in. Beware, anyone in the world can send a missile your way.

Fit Radio


Cost: Free

This one-of-a-kind app provides you with non-stop, high energy workout music to get you moving and motivated. The DJ-engineered app plays high-energy and quality DJ mixes you hear in nightclubs and lounges. It’s super easy to use, just press play and go!



Cost: $1.99

Forget the trainer, this app gives you every weight lifting exercise you need to firm and tone your body. With over 300 exercises, you can create your own routines with free weights, cables, and body weight exercises. Watch a video if you’re unsure on how to do it but the descriptions make learning how to lift weights is a breeze.

Authentic Yoga

Authentic-Yoga-app-1Cost: $1.99

Whether or not you’re new to yoga or consider yourself a pro, this app is brought to you by pros Deepak Chopra and Tara Stiles. You are guided through awarness of mind, body, and spirit with poses to increase your flexibility, balance, and strength. Complete with videos and comprehensive guide of yoga poses, Chopra and Stiles make learning how to enjoy yoga easy.

Innovative technology has influenced the creation of some great apps to keep you on track for a life full of health and fitness. Many of these apps let you get your friends involved as well so you and your bridal party can keep each other motivated as you prepare for your big day.

Happy Planning,