Tis the Season For…

Long gone are the days of 12-foot-trains and ice-blue. Instead, The Wedding Salon is embracing the 2013 season, which promises the following trends:

1. Illusion necklines
Say goodbye to plunging necklaces. This classic look will appease both the classy and the sassy. Voila!

2. Lace
If you’re like me, you’ve been eyeing lace wedding dresses your whole life, or perhaps since you laid eyes upon Kate Middleton’s iconic dress. Either way, lace is both timeless and trendy. Lace up!

3. Bows
We’re seeing them everywhere—big, busty bows. Bridal beauties, as you tie the knot, don’t forget to tie your bow.

4. Hints of Color
If you’re non-conventional, this trend may suit your fancy. Brides are adding color to their weddings in the form of belts, tinted lace, and other methods of choice.

5. Mint
Goodbye ice blue, hello mint. If you have trendy taste buds, we suggest incorporating this color into your wedding scheme.

6. Print
Want to spice it up a little? Have your bridesmaids wear printed dresses. Or better yet, have the groomsmen sport a subtle pattern. Think pretty in print.

7. Birds
There’s a reason why we use the phrase love-birds; this animal is perhaps the most romantic of all. Throughout the 2013 wedding season, brides everywhere will honor this in the form of cake toppers, bird feeders, and even nests. Get creative! I saw one bride use birdfeeders as placecards.

8. Paper Lanterns

For an evening and/or outdoor wedding, paper lanterns are a wonderful way to light the way for your guests. I’ve even seen them attached to mason jars, for an added extra.

9. Laser Cut
Go under the laser with your cuts. Perhaps you’ll choose laser cut stationary, ribbon, or even a dress. Either way, we trust that you’ll keep it fabulous.

10. Braided Hair
This ancient hair-style is making a comeback. In the upcoming season, you’ll see the braid make a comeback. Watch out 2013, braids are no longer a trend of the past, but a mark of the wedding season to come!