Red vs. White

Pairing food with wine can be tricky but can also be an adventure! Warning, do not use your wedding reception as a time to be adventurous with your wine pairing and try to stick with easy wines that pair well with whatever food you’re choosing to serve. However, the wines you like are always the right ones to serve. We’ll show you a couple of whites, and whites to help getting your reception going and guarantee a tasty pairing.

White Wines


1. Chardonnay

By far one of the most popular white wines, Chardonnay has a wide range of flavors: oaky, fruity, buttery, and vanilla. It pairs well with seafood based soups, roasted chicken, cheese dishes, seafood, and creamy pasta dishes.

2. Sauvignon Blanc

Extremely refreshing in taste, this wine is perfect for a summer wedding reception or cocktail hour, but don’t let the seasons steer you away from it’s oaky and fruity flavors. It pairs well with grilled chicken or fish, spicy food, high acid cheeses like goat or feta, and salads.

3. Riesling

Known as a tangy white wine it can also be bought in subtle sweet varieties . Generally the wine contains a majority of fruity flavors but it all depends on where it came from. Serve it with pork, spicy appetizers, chicken, and anything with a fruit sauce.

4. Pinot Gregio

Also known as pinot gris, it is Italy’s most popular white wine because of it’s light and crispy flavors. Pale in color and smooth texture offers subtle tropical or citrus fruit flavors. Goes well with cheese and cracker combinations, fish, and light pastas.

Red Wines


1. Merlot

This wine is ideal if you’re looking to please almost every one’s palette. It is a good choice if you want a wine that is heavier than a Cabernet but lighter than a Pinot Noir. Pair it with fowl like chicken, duck, quail, or game hen, and roast pork or lamb.

2. Cabernet Sauvignon

Perfect to serve alone or with food, this wine has flavors like cherry, cassis, and cedar that is sure the be a crowd pleaser. It is extremely versatile and can be served with almost any food. Choose dishes like beef tenderloin, steak, sausage dishes, full flavored cheese, and stews.

3. Pinot Noir

With flavors like plum, blackberry, and vanilla, this wine has enough acidity and smooth, silky texture to please your guests. It compliments foods like salmon, pork, duck, chicken, and tuna.

4. Shiraz/Syrah

Depending on the region, France or Australia, this red wine has a unique spicy and peppery flavor. If you like a bolder wine that is dark and aromatic then you most likely almost like spicy foods and bbq meats. Serve it with spice or herb crusted beef, anything grilled, eggplant, and burgers.

When planning your wines keep in mind the time of year, have a taste taste, and the progression of the reception. Most guests tend to stay with one type of wine throughout the reception so presenting their options early can help you decide whether to alternative between red and white or stay consistent.

Happy Planning,