Happy Holiday Appetizers

With almost three nights of Hanukkah down, the holiday season has officially begun and I’m sure you’re getting ready to attend some amazing holiday parties. If you’re planning on hosting the party this year and are not catering the event, you might be stuck in a rut and prepared to serve cheese and pigs in a blanket. Branch out this year and try some delicious recipes that will please your guests- also feel free to use these in your wedding reception!

Puff Pastries

Savory Mango Chutney & Cheddar Palmiers

Here is a collection of a few puff pastry appetizers that are delicious and innovative. We love how tartlets and puff pastries melt in your mouth but are still full of flavor. To get the recipes just click on the link!


Buffalo Chicken Dip

There’s something about dips and parties that go so well together! They can be made out of virtually anything and don’t have to be loaded with calories to deep hearty and delicious. Serve with crackers, breads, and vegetables to enjoy! But keep in mind, some do require more cooking time so prepare ahead! Click on the recipes to go to their websites!


Polenta Pizza Appetizer

Who said pizza is just for dinner? I mean, they come in so many easy-to-eat sizes with unique toppings that can please almost any picky guest. Play around with vegetable, meat, and cheese toppings and add a lot of variety to your pizzas. Here’s our favorite pizza appetizers to serve at your next holiday party!


Brie en Croute

If you love cheese, which is most of us, then you always look forward to indulging at holiday parties. Many are easy to make and to serve with crackers, tartlets, and other dishes. These are some of the Wedding Salon’s favorite cheese based appetizers! Enjoy!

Under 100 Calories

Beef Teriyaki Crisps with Wasabi Mayonnaise

Think again if you think appetizers have to be calorie filled and super heavy. We get it, the holidays are a time to indulge but we’re not sacrificing flavors here. These light appetizers will go unnoticed at your next party and won’t add bulge to your waist line! Take a look at our light holiday recipes all under 100 calories!

Have fun cooking these recipe this holiday season but be sure to take them for a test run before you try them on your guests. These are also great to bring to parties and surprise your host!

Happy Planning,