The Groom’s Cake: Lost and Found but Here to Stay

Iphone Groom's CakeOriginating from the Victorian era, the groom’s cake, a century-old, wedding cake tradition, is making a serious comeback. Where exactly the tradition was lost, and then found again, I cannot say. To further complicate matters, the history is a bit unclear. With roots in the Victorian era, the practice of giving a groom’s cake was transplanted into the American South. Although the practice of the groom’s cake is said to have begun as a bridal party event, it can also be served to all guests, therefore supplementing the bride’s cake. Legend maintains that should a single, female guest place the boxed cake under her pillow on the night of the wedding, her future groom will appear to her in her dreams. Others recall the groom’s cake as a fruity, rich, dessert. In modern times, the cake usually honors the groom by reflecting his interests, hobbies, or personality traits. Since the groom’s family traditionally hosts the rehearsal dinner, it can be an appropriate venue for which to present a groom with his cake. Regardless of its unclear origins and historical ambiguity, one thing is here: this revitalized tradition is here to stay.