Dressing For a Beach

Happy Travel Tuesday! Beach weddings are becoming extremely popular for not only destination weddings but as a venue to host your ceremony and reception. There are so many variety of beaches across the world, they all come with their own charm, style, and weather. Choosing a wedding dress for these locations can be tricky but it doesn’t have to be extremely stressful. Beach weddings are a low key event so your wedding dress should reflect this vibe. Play up your accessories and associate the island when your considering your dress style. But keep these important factors in mind: weight, details, fabric, and style.

1. Fabric


Choose a light weight fabric for your destination wedding dress because you won’t want to be weighed down when standing on a beach in the heat. Silk, chiffon, and organza are some good options to keep it light. Straps are also important to keeping a low key look so stay away from long sleeves and stick with simple straps, halters, and strapless dresses.


Holoku Wedding Dress

Get inspired by your location and embrace the traditions of the area. Shown above is a traditional Hawaiian wedding dress that looks fabulous even if you’re new to the area. Your location can provide amazing inspiration for the details in your dress especially if it is exotic and full of culture.



If you’re oscillating between a short dress vs. a long dress a lot depends on how far you plan on walking, where you’re having the ceremony, and your personal style. For instance, if you’re getting married close to the water and fear the ocean getting onto your train then opt for a short dress. In the end, packing a shorter dress is going to be a lot easier than packing a larger dress.

Flatter Your Figure


This is important no matter where you decide to hold your wedding; making sure your wedding dress flatters your figure. Choosing the wrong style that accentuates your least favorite features will haunt you in your wedding photos for years. Work with your wedding dress salon, tailor or seamstress, or designer to pick out  a dress that fits the best on your body



Want to know what we love most about low key wedding dresses? Your ability to add accessories! There are literally endless options for your jewelry, hair, makeup, and shoe choices. Use the location you’re at to reflect your accessories, for example if the location is covered in beachy flowers, put them in your hair. You’re a chameleon in the environment around you!

Beach wedding dresses, while more relaxed, are still as glamourous as their indoor counterparts. Keep in mind your location, the weather, your body type, if it can travel, and the tone of the wedding when shopping for your dream beach wedding dress.

Happy Planning,