Winter Wonderland: Vail, Colorado


At the ripe age of eighteen, I reached what I believe to be one of the most underrated milestones—my first romantic getaway. Although there was much ado about where we would travel to, when the possibility of travelling to my family home in Vail arose, my boyfriend and I jumped at the opportunity. It ended up being not only the cheapest option, but, to this day, it remains one of the most magical romantic getaways either of us has experienced. When we arrived at the house, a place that still holds many of my fondest memories, we were greeted by my sixth and seventh grade cousins, who, after months of practice, seemed to have perfected their salute to my military boyfriend. They spent the entire week attempting to learn about military life from my boyfriend, while he enjoyed snowboarding at one of the largest mountains in the world. Although our trip was only four days long, I was still able to show him one of the most meaningful places to my family.  As we embarked on an evening sleigh ride to a log-cabin restaurant, the stars shone above us brightly, reminding us what made a magical mountain weekend so memorable.Beanos_hero