How-To: Choose A First Dance Song

Thousands—that’s the number of potential wedding songs out there. That said, however is a bride to choose? Who is to say that one song can encapsulate an entire relationship? Can you have more than one “song”? Here are three steps tips to steer you on the right path.


1. Brainstorm: What kind of wedding are you having? How would you classify your relationship? Think about why you are getting married and what this wedding means to you. Since couple has a different story, so to must the wedding. Consider picking a song that “goes” with your wedding. Note: it may be helpful to think of this in every aspect of the wedding.

2. Search. Read through some blogs and other online listings for popular wedding songs. This will help get you on track. You can decide from here whether or not to follow suit. Find out which songs your favorite couples used.

3. Just listen. Turn on the radio and just listen. Create an alphabetized playlist from your music library, excluding absolute no-nos. Play at your own leisure and let the vision come to you. You’ll know when the song comes on.

Happy Listening!