A Taste of 2013

Done with 2012 and ready for 2013? We’ve got you covered. Here’s our picks for what you’ll be tasting in 2013:


1. Veggies

Lots of them. In this year, you’ll notice a surplus of veggies on the plate. Your mother would be happy with this healthy trend.


2. Artisans Markets

With artisans markets come the opportunity to share something distinctly foreign with a new market. No longer do you need to travel to Europe and beyond to get a taste of abroad—just visit your local artisans market.


3. Small Plates

Concern for health is ever-growing. This year, chefs will begin to offer healthier and smaller plates in the upcoming months.

popcorn balls

4. Popcorn

… it’s no longer just for the movies! Popcorn will begin to appear everywhere as the dessert of choice!

5. Kids Foods, Grown-Up Style

Delicacies such as Mac-and-Cheese, once reserved for simpler palates and children, are making a come-back. Expect to see them on adult menus near you!

Happy eating,

The Wedding Salon