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Happy Munchie Monday! It’s getting so close to Christmas and we’re so excited to share delicious recipes, gift inspiration, and party planning tools to help you have the best holiday season. Today, we’re sharing a few key questions you need to be asking your wedding caterer before you finally decide on who is the person serving your guests their meals. Write them down and bring the list to your next appointment with the potential server of your wedding dishes.


1. Do you specialize in certain foods? Some caterers are specialists in a specific type of food. For example, a caterer with a strong Italian influence is probably going to serve amazing pasta based dishes and authentic foods.

2. What is your average price range? The costs per caterer are going to depend on the types of food you choose, how much food, if it’s all inclusive (linens, plates, silverware, etc.), and the number of guests you’re serving.

3. Will you be working any other weddings during my wedding day or wedding weekend? This is to ensure that all of the attention is on you, not someone else’s wedding.

4. Will you provide wait staff? Also ask how many they would recommend for the size of your wedding and what they are going to wear.

5. What are your most popular dishes? It’s good to choose a fan favorite so you know you’re getting something good.

6. Can you arrange a tasting so we can try the foods with our wine, champagne, and/or wedding cake? It’s good to see all of the little details together in a big picture.

7. Do you use fresh, not frozen, food? Ideally they’re using fresh food.

8. Can I review a standard contract? This will help outline all of the costs, the wait staff expectations, what is included in the services, and sales taxes.

9. Do you also provide wedding cake and/or alcohol? This will make looking for separate vendors simple.

10. Can I see testimonials or speak to your past clients? Talk to past clients and see what they thought before you make a final decision.

Check out Websites like The Knot, Here Comes The Guide, or Martha Stewart Weddings to learn more about hiring a caterer and finding the one best for your wedding!

Happy Planning,