Flowers For Your Bridesmaids

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Choosing your bridesmaids bouquets starts after you’ve chosen yours. Traditionally, their arrangements compliment your own and are similar in nature but should also compliment their dresses, body shape, and style. This can be done by adding unique touches like mismatching flowers, colored ribbons around the stems, or decorative elements in their bouquets. They’re smaller and less extravagant and we’ve found some tips to help you choose the right ones for your girls.

1. Budget

Your budget is a huge factor in determining how much money you’re going to spend not only on flowers but every aspect of your wedding. You don’t have to pay a fortune for beautiful flowers and you can consider choosing a prominent flower in your bouquet and have them carry a single flower such as a Lilly or an orchid.

2. Size

Your bridesmaids bouquets are a similar version than what you plan on carrying down the aisle. We want you to check out Quatre Coeur, a New York based vendor that specializes in floral design and are coming to our April New York Bride Event. They specialize in artful floral arrangements that speak to the bride and her bridesmaids. Personalized attention is what they’re known for and recognize how important your style is to choosing the flowers in your wedding.

3. Style and Shape

You may know that your bouquet should compliment your body shape and the same goes for your bridal party. You should make sure that the flowers do not overwhelm the carrier. For example, a petite bridesmaid should not be carrying a cascading bouquet because it does not fit her body type. Their arrangements should also reflect their dress color and style. If their wearing complex and elaborate dresses then they should not be carrying busy bouquets.

4. Color

First ask yourself what is the prominent color of your bouquet and then you can build their arrangements off of that. Next you need to consider if you want the color of the flowers to match the dress or contrast them.

5. Their Opinion

Your bridesmaids opinions matter a lot because they’re the ones carrying the arrangement. They may also have a great idea about the color and style and have a different perception of how to match their dresses with their flowers. Take them with you to the florist and get an idea of what their style is and what will look best on their body.

You’re bridesmaids are one of the biggest accessories at your wedding. Poor floral arrangements will deter everyone’s attention away from you and onto why you’re bridesmaids look mismatched and not as beautiful as they can be. Consult a great floral designer and if you live in the New York area we recommend taking a visit to Quatre Coeur.

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Quatre Coeur
Quatre Coeur