Styling up Your Man

You already know that you’re groom is the hottest man on the planet and approaching him as you walk down the aisle at your wedding will confirm all of the reasons you decided to be with him in the first place. Men are not the best at style and are basically clueless when it comes to what is considered “on trend.” Luckily, you are referring to the Wedding Salon for your groom’s needs and we’ll help you find a perfect tux for your 2013 wedding.

1. Mismatched Prints


As long as all of the colors are within the same palette (charcoal and gray) then feel free to mix colors. You can also play around with mismatching your ties to your suit jackets. For example, a seersucker suit with an orange bow tie. The biggest challenge is to make him look like he didn’t get dressed in a dark room but also looks stylish. Play around with patterns, fits, and colors.

2. Color


Don’t fear a little bit of color! Just a touch that matched your bouquet or color palette makes the perfect statement and will make him stand out. We love seeing this trend through bow ties, handkerchiefs, and ties. If you want to be a little bit more key then choose a boutonniere that is bright and colorful.

3. Country Chic


Tweed, herringbone, and leather details scream spring/summer wedding! Rich brown hues and soft fabrics will make your groom look ready for wedding portraits and can easily match your spring/summer style wedding gown.

4. Suspenders


Men right now are having a crazy love affair with suspenders. I mean they’re adorable and can be dressed up to look trendy. These eliminate the need for a belt and a jacket, especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding. Have the suspenders match the color of their dress pants to keep it consistent.

5. Bow Ties


Nothing is more dapper and preppy than a bow tie. Like suspenders, they’re making a huge comeback and come is some amazing styles, patterns, and colors that will match his personality. If you choose to go this route, make sure it doesn’t conflict with your overall style and clash with your bouquet.

6. Skinny Ties


Forget those big, thick ties that your dad wore and embrace the skinny tie trend. Men are loving it and it can look totally fabulous with any suit and especially suspenders.

Dressing up your man can be fun but let him tell you what he wants to wear. Some men totally embrace this and want to do something fun with their groomsmen regardless of what you’re tell him. We wish your fiance the best of luck when he’s choosing what to wear to your wedding day!

Happy Planning,