Pros & Cons of a Food Truck Reception

Food Truck Wedding Catering 3

Good morning and happy Munchie Monday! Today I want to address a trend that has successfully made the leap from 2012 into 2013 in terms of wedding food options– Food trucks. Why do people love them so much? Because it’s quick, cheap, gourmet food that is conveniently located in a truck. These foods options go beyond the traditional burger and fries with unique options like gyros, ice cream, doughnuts, tacos, etc. We want to give you a pro & con list to use before deciding to book one of these trucks for your wedding reception.


1. Options. Forget the traditional beef, chicken, or fish, with food trucks you can choose to serve Kobe beef burgers and fries, crepes, or Korean-Mexican fusion.

2. Cost. You can spend under $20,000 on food trucks versus traditional catering options.

3. Seasons. If you’re having a late spring, summer, or early fall wedding then this is a great option

4. Time. This is a a great way to keep guests busy during the reception because instead of sitting around waiting for food at seperate tables, they can stand in line and mingle with other guests.

5. Availability. Booking one is easy because in basically every major city, there is a plethora of options.

6. Personalization. You have the ability to personalize your menu or your packaging.


1. Waiting. Lines mean waiting and waiting means less time for guests to enjoy your reception.

2. Weather. Unless you live in the south or out west, the seasons limit availability. There are also unexpected weather elements like rain, storms, and wind.

3. Amount of food. For every 75 guests you should have 1 food truck but not even that guarantees everyone will get their food.

4. Options. If you have guests that are vegetarians or very health conscious, they may not want to eat from some of these food trucks.

5. Permits and zoning. Before booking one check the zoning for your reception venue. Not all food trucks can park there.

6. Staff. There may be a lack of staff helping prepare all of the food.


If you do decide to choose the food truck route then play around with options. You have the ability to serve oysters side by side by cupcakes so use this to your advantage. However, it can get complicated trying to pay the individual trucks because they do not all charge the same amount. Whichever side you choose, keep your food delicious, warm, and personalized to your preferences.

Happy Planning,