Lazy Ways to Lose Weight


If hitting the gym sounds like a gigantic chore then you’ve probably already started looking for alternative ways to lose weight before your wedding day. Guess what, you can lose weight without spending hours in a gym or without leaving your house. For effective weight loss, we recommend eating right and exercising and this can be easy to do while you’re on the go or stuck at home during these winter storms. We have a couple tips to keep your body in it’s prime condition and to help you fit into your dream wedding dress.

1. Multitask In Front of The Television

Try this: every time there’s a commercial about food, do 100 jumping jacks. If it’s a commercial about car insurance then do 100 squats. Whatever it takes to get you moving and make the most of boring commercials. You can keep free weights by the TV as a reminder to pick them up and actually use them. If you own a treadmill, stationary bike, or elliptical then put it in front of the TV so you don’t miss any of your favorite shows.

2. Skip The Soda

Skip all sodas, including Diet sodas. They don’t keep you hydrated and are empty calories that have no nutritional value. If you’re feeling thirsty but need something bubbly then drink seltzer. Water should always be your number 1 drink. If you feel it’s boring then add some lemon juice, orange slices, or strawberries.

3. Start Meals With Soup or Salad

Before you sit down for dinner then eat a soup or salad filled with vegetables. Vegetables are an easy way to get nutrinional calories and because of their high water and fiber content will fill you up before you dive into the huge plate of pasta. Studies show that eating a veggie filled soup or salad before dinner may make you eat 12% fewer calories.

4. Buy Ready to Eat Snacks

If you’re guilty of mindlessly eating out of the bag then it may be time for your to start buying snack sized bags. Stores like Trader Joe’s sells almonds in snack sizes that are only 200 calories. They’re easy to throw into your purse or clutch and anytime you feel like you need a pick me up they can fill you up.

5. Clean

If the cleanliness of your house or apartment has taken a turn to the worse while you’re planning your wedding then it may be time to start cleaning. Cleaning burns a lot of calories with the constant movement, up and down motions, and wiping. Get outside and shovel, mow the lawn, or rack leaves.

6. Bread, Drink, or Dessert — Choose One

If you’re out to eat then you need to make a decision about whether you want something from the bread basket, a glass of wine, or ice cream. You can’t have all three so decide before you get to the restaurant which one you’re really craving. This will cut back significant calories and if you’re decision isn’t bread then ask the waiter not to bring it.

7. Eat Small

If you want to be small then eat small. If you’re at your favorite froyo place then order a small, or if you’re at Starbucks order a tall latte instead of a grande.

Eating well is easy and doesn’t have to be a chore. Making smart decisions and choosing to workout in unexpected places can be fun and enjoyable. Get your fiance or bridal party to join you to make it more fun and maybe a competition.

Happy Planning,