Mini Cocktail Bites

I don’t know about anyone else but one of my favorite foods at dinner parties, events, and wedding receptions are good appetizers. I’m a sucker for anything on a stick, bite sized snacks, and beautiful cocktails that are exploding with flavor but look too good to eat. An important trend for 2013 is small bites loaded with delicious ingredients and finishing it off with a tequila based drink (according to Huffington Post). What I love about small bites is that they allow you to stick to some key classics like meatballs, tacos, sliders, beer, oysters, and margaritas. I don’t want to give too much away but here are some small bite appetizers I’m loving for 2013.

1. Baked Oysters


Oysters are incredibly easy to eat because they slide into your mouth or can be guzzled down with a glass of champagne. They can be topped with cheese, bread crumbs, spices, or vegetables to add some kick to it. Another bonus, if you’re not a raw food fan, these are cooked! Get some recipes here: Broiled Oysters with Parmesan Cheese, Baked Oysters With Bacon and Leeks, and Baked Oysters With Breadcrumbs and Garlic.

2. Meatball Sliders


Instead of cooking teeny tiny hamburger patties, the new slider is a meatball because they’re similar in taste and are easy to make into sliders. Cook them with mini buns, add mini cheese, and mini toppings and you have a mini hamburger! They pop into your mouth and taste great with beer. Get cooking with these recipes: Neely’s Meatball Sliders, Italian Meatball Sliders, and Meatball Sliders.

3. Cucumber Cups


They’re healthy and adorable. Top them off with sliced meats, shrimp, and vegetables and fill them up with hummus, ranch dressing, or yogurt. They’re healthy and look almost like sushi. Get the recipes for these delicious bite sized vegetable snack: Cucumber Cups with Creamy Salmon Whip, Mediterranean Cucumber Cups, and Wasabi Lime Crab Salad in Cucumber Cups.

4. Bruschetta

Italian Khana Bruschetta

This is a twist on a classic Italian appetizer which is usually served on large pieces of bread and topped with a tomato topping with olive oil and basil. It can be messy but the bite sized version eliminates the mess and are easy to put in your mouth and finish off with a glass of wine. We love these recipes: Mini Pesto Bruschetta Cups, Mini Bruschetta Tarts, and Tomato and Anchovy Bruschetta.

5. Mini Chicken N’ Waffles


If you have yet to try this amazing combination of fried chicken, waffles, and maple syrup then consider serving them at your cocktail hour. All of the flavors will melt in your mouth and in their own weird way, work together so well. Simply take pieces from fried chicken, top onto mini waffles, and drizzle with maple syrup. Get sticky with these recipes: Mini Fried Chicken and Waffles, Buttermilk Chicken and Waffles, and Crunchy Chicken Stuffed Waffle Pops.

Indulge in these mini delights at your wedding reception’s cocktail hour as a preview for the amazing foods you’re going to be serving at dinner. Always keep napkins on hand, tooth picks, and drinks for guests to enjoy these little wonders and be able to taste some amazing food.

Happy Planning,