Six Qualities of Your Future Wedding Planner


You know that you can’t plan a whole wedding yourself and have decided to start looking for a perfect wedding planner. Referring to an expert is an excellent idea because they know all that there is to know about planning a wedding, it’s what they live for. They know the best of the best in the industry and love planning a wedding. While there are are amazing wedding planners it is easy to fall for a bad one who does not have your best interest at heart, is lazy, and unmotivated. Our job is planning a wedding and we want all of our brides to have the wedding of their dreams so much like the list you made when looking for your fiance, here is a list of what to look for in your wedding planner.

1. Level Headed

This person needs to be able to handle any situation you throw at them and keep a calm composure during a crisis. This will mean that they’re prepared for the unexpected and have substitute ideas on hand just in case. They have all of your details planned to a t and can face any obstacles full force. A good way to know this is when interviewing them ask questions like, “if my caterer forgot napkins what would you do?” or “the band’s trumpet player got sick, what would you do in this situation?”

2. Bonding With Them

Much like when you first met your fiance, there was a spark of chemistry that made you want to keep coming back for more. You should feel like your wedding planner has the potential to be your friend and that you two have a lot in common and a bond. This is a person you’ll be communicating with frequently so being on friendly terms is extremely important.

3. How They Dress and Where They Meet You

First impressions are everything and this goes for their office and their outfit. If they ask you to meet at Starbucks, they’re probably not very professional as someone who wants to meet in their office or at their home. Also, when you meet with them, this is a job interview on their part so you need to see if they’re dressed like this is an interview.

4. Live For Organization

This person should love organizing things and look organized themselves. If their office is a mess or their outfit is a mess, they’re probably not organized. They should be able to create vendor contacts, organize a wedding day timeline, coordinate arrivals and deliveries, and be in charge of your budget.

5. Portfolio

Ask for a portfolio that shows their services, past weddings, and their cost. Their portfolio is their version of a resume and how often they will be around to help plan everything. Some work only on the day of or over a long period of time. Ask for references of past clients and make sure that they clearly express their prices.

6. Utilize Their Resources

In their portfolio, they should have a list of past clients they’ve worked with or a rolodex of vendors they use. They may be able to talk to vendors to get your discounts and freebies and are knowledgeable of the best reception venues, bands, florists, etc.

Your wedding planner should also be an excellent negotiator, have class, and understand your wants and needs. This person is here to work for you and help you plan one of the most important days of your life.

Happy Planning,