Have a Healthy Valentine’s Day

I am a strong believer in the Cheat Day. What is the Cheat Day you ask? It’s one day a week where I allow myself to eat and drink whatever I want because if I don’t I will most likely lose my mind. I save my cheat days for Saturday as a reward for dieting well and sticking to my workout routine so I’m not planning on going overboard on Valentine’s Day but possibly indulging in some treats. I’ve found some healthy recipes for you to try tomorrow and if you don’t tell your husband the desserts are healthy, he probably wouldn’t even notice!

Frozen Hot Chocolate


I am obsessed with Chocolate Covered Katie’s blog because some of her recipes are so amazingly decadent. This recipe for frozen hot chocolate is modeled after New York’s iconic restaurant, Serendipity. This recipe sounds a little weird, what is frozen hot chocolate? You make hot chocolate, put it in ice cube form, and then blend it. It still retains the taste of hot chocolate and is topped with the traditional hot chocolate. It’s only 80 calories and vegan friendly!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries


These are one of my all time favorite desserts because I love strawberries and I love chocolate and the combination of the two is mouth watering. For this recipe you get the nutrition of fruit and the decadence of chocolate. I found this recipe on CopyKat’s blog where she walks you through melting the chocolate (in the microwave!) and she gives you the option of adding sprinkles or adding a white chocolate drizzle. These sound delicious.



While I may not be a huge fan of tiramisu I know that it is a favorite among my friends and family. This baby tiramisu recipe is one I found on Eating Well which is one of my favorite food magazine and website. Their quick (45 mins) low calorie version has only 107 calories per serving and 2 grams of fat. They use ladyfingers and combine an espresso drizzle and ricotta cheese to make this dessert classic.

Frozen Raspberry Creamy, Dreamy Pie


FitSugar is one of my favorite fitness and nutrition blogs and they did not disappoint with this Frozen Raspberry Creamy, Dreamy Pie recipe. This takes almost 2 hours to make and is a little complicated to make but it sounds like the finished result will be perfection. They combine a chocolate crust, raspberries, and lemon juice into an amazing pie that is 220 calories with 7 grams of fat.



New York City is known for it’s cheesecake but it is also known to be a diet killer. This recipe I found on Cooking Light keeps it light with fat free sour cream, cottage cheese, and reduced fat cream cheese. This version is 291 calories with 9 grams of fat and takes about 2 hours to make. We warn you, this is a recipe for those familiar around the kitchen but if you’re dying to try it then practice today before the real thing tomorrow, just pass the experiment cake off to your work or friends.

Chocolate Brownie Cookies


The secret ingredient in these healthy brownie cookies is… Black beans. Yes you read that right, black beans. I found this recipe on Eliza’s Edibles and honestly I feel like after all of the other ingredients are added, you won’t even taste the black beans. This recipe is quick (20 mins) and after reading the reviews, is child approved. She adds peanut butter, chocolate, dark chocolate chips, and black beans. All of the ingredients get combined in a mixer so they’re hidden after everything is said and done.

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and one of the ways I show love is through food. Bake your fiance something for his present where he won’t know he’s eating healthy (he needs to look good on the wedding day too!). Enjoy with a glass of wine or coffee and enjoy the holiday!

Happy Planning,