Trendy 2013 Cocktail Hour


Happy Munchie Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend and are excited to kick off this brand new week! Today, I want to introduce a semi-controversial topic: cocktail hour. This is a small portion of time that occurs after your wedding ceremony and before your reception where guests can enjoy cocktails, appetizers, and mingle with other wedding guests. The purpose is to fill up the gap of time between the two events where you and your groom and be by yourselves, take pictures with the bridal party, or greet your guests before all of the dancing and eating starts. This time is also crucial for your entertainment and caterer to began preparing for your reception. For 2013, we’re noticing a few trends that are becoming increasingly popular so here is an idea of how to plan your cocktail hour.

Your Signature Cocktail


If there is a particular drink that you and your fiance enjoy (i.e. mojitos, certain types of beer, your amazing margarita recipe) then use it to tell your story. The signature cocktail should also reflect the color scheme of your wedding but one that stands out is even better. If you two don’t have a signature cocktail but separate signature drinks, talk to the bartender to see if he can combine the two to make something awesome. Give it a fun name and enjoy!

Comfort Foods


Bite-sized comfort foods were big in 2012 and are staying strong into spring/summer 2013. Pictured above, the cheeseburger and french fries, is an example of the types of food you can serve at cocktail hour. Anything that can be popped into your mouth and still taste delicious is fine by us. This is also a fun time to leave your comfort zone and try some comfort foods that you are unfamiliar with such as a caprese salad on a stick.



The days of martinis bars or beer bars are over. Many couples are using tequila as the main ingredient in their wedding cocktails with drinks such as margaritas, tequila sunrises, and tequila Bloody Mary’s. Tequila is strong in nature but can be tamed by adding fruit to the mix and salt.



There’s no need to have an overly extravagent cocktail hour, especially if that’s how you’re planning your reception. Everything at your cocktail hour should be simplified and minimal in terms of types of drinks served (one or two), types of food (small bites and no buffets), and the openess of the venue. In the summer, bring guests back to childhood with fun straws and bbq. Keep displays at a minimum and use this time to let guests interact with each other.

As soon as guests arrive to cocktail hour, put a drink in their hand. Cocktail hour should also be long enough so that guests running late from the venue have plenty of time to get there are enjoy mingling and gives the DJ/Band, caterer, and rental company to finish setting up for your reception. I hope these give you some insights on trends The Wedding Salon is loving for 2013!

Happy Planning,