Our Secrets to Clear Skin


Happy Wellness Wednesday! Who doesn’t want to have beautiful, glowing skin on their wedding day? Your dress is gorgeous, shoes are fabulous, but your face– it needs some work. I am struggling with finding the perfect method to keep my skin fresh and luminous so the tips I’m giving to you today I may have to use myself. Many brides suffer from blemishes, oily skin, and dry skin but good news– you’re not alone! Having clear skin can give you confidence as you walk down the aisle and make your man fall in love with your beautiful face all over again. We’ve researched some methods on how to keep your skin looking amazing for your wedding day!

1. Consult a physician/dermatologist

Before you start any new skin care treatment, visit your dermatologist to discuss what are the best methods of attack for you. This can help you from spending months jumping from one treatment to another. Some dermatologists also offer services such as facials, massage, and rejuvenation services. If you don’t need intense acne treatments, the dermatologist can still suggest some OTC (over the counter) products that work well.

2. Begin a Strict Routine

This should be done 10-12 months in advance because it takes most products to begin working in 6-8 weeks. A solid skin care routine involves exfoliation, moisturizer, and sun protection along with your skin care routine. Your dermatologist can help solidify which routine is best for clearing up your skin.

3. Vitamins

Have you ever noticed that when you eat fruits and vegetables, your skin looks more luminous? It’s because these healthy foods are packed with the vitamins and minerals your skin is craving. You can try taking a multi-vitamin to get all of the essential skin clearing nutrients such as vitamin A and vitamin E or eat foods like avocados, leafy greens, and squash.

4. Water

Water I feel like is the answer to every health concern but that’s because your body functions the best when it’s hydrated. If you feel the urge to pick up a can on Diet Coke, put it down and grab a bottle of water. Many foods have high water contents like watermelons and cucumbers. Add lemon juice or sliced fruits to your water to keep it more interesting.

5. Stop Picking!

I have a huge tendency to pop a pimple the minute it appears on my face but have to constantly remind myself that they lead to acne scars, cysts, and infection. Popping pimples can make the problem worse because of inflammation and spread of bacteria to other parts of your skin. Just leave it alone and try to keep your hands off your face.

6. Get Active

Breaking a sweat is proven to help clear up any skin problems because you’re maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It can also help reduce the surge of hormones that come with stress and attribute to breakouts. This is also a great excuse to start getting in shape before your wedding day!

Every woman dreams of clear skin, especially on the most important day of your life. Start planning for your skincare routines at least 1 year in advance but if that isn’t possible, 3-6 months is ample amount of time as well. You won’t be able to clear up all of your problems a week in advance.

Happy Planning,