Don’t Look Hideous on Your Wedding Day!


You made it to Fashion Friday and that means one final blog post to finish off your busy week! You’ve most likely heard a ton of do’s when it comes to bridal makeup but I feel like no one talks about the negatives, so that’s what today’s post is all about. It is so easy for makeup to go wrong that we’ve dedicated a whole post to what not to do. You all have your own unique makeup styles but some of theme may not be appropriate for your wedding day, especially if you’re a gutsy person who is obsessed with changing your makeup style. We embrace that in day-to-day life but your wedding day is so highly photographed that this isn’t exactly the best time for experimentation.

Don’t: Attempt to DIY Your Makeup

Unless you’re a makeup artist yourself or have completely mastered it, please don’t go at it alone. The amount of nervous energy you’ll have on the wedding day will make doing your own makeup a disaster. Nervous shaky hands do not go well with makeup brushes. We’re not saying you have to hire a makeup artist but you could enlist a bridesmaid who you trust.

Don’t: Try Out a New Style on Your Wedding Day

The wedding day has no room for mistakes. Work with whoever is doing your makeup to do a trial run a couple of days before to see if you actually like it. For example, if you’ve never tried fake eyelashes but want to wear them for your wedding then try them a few days before to see how you like it.

Dont: Wear Too Much

The goal is to not look like a drag queen and to use makeup to enhance your beauty, not cover anything up. This is not the time for blue eyeliner or bright pink eyeshadow. Cakey foundations or too much bronzer are also not a good look. You’re fiance is marrying you for your natural beauty, not a fake version of yourself.

Don’t: Forget About Extra Hairs

If you’re someone who needs to wax their lip, eyebrows, and chin then don’t skip on any waxing sessions. Also don’t over do the waxing and tweezing or else your eyebrows could look horrible. Days before the wedding waxing may be the last thing you’re worried about but make time. Nothing is worse than a bride with a mustache.

Don’t: Be Trendy

Trendy does not equal timeless. Very few styles continue over into the next seasons and you want your wedding look to be timeless. Remember your mom’s wedding makeup from the 70’s? That probably did not carry over into today. If you want to be trendy then do it for your rehearsal dinner.

Don’t: Forget to Take a Picture

Take a picture of your makeup trial run in natural light with an actual camera, not your iPhone. That way if you want to make any changes you can have a picture to remember what you did and did not like about the makeup look. This is also helpful for the makeup artist to remember exactly what they did.

We absolutely suggest hiring a makeup artist and testing out different makeup looks before your wedding day. Follow these don’ts and we can almost promise a beautiful makeup look!

Happy Planning,